IFS lends their services to affluent clients worldwide who want to enjoy the possibilities their money creates but leave the daily business of managing it to a competent team of experts.

Specialized in wealth management, funds management and foreign exchange brokering we are committed to providing you with international and private banking service packages individually tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

Our Services – tailor-made, flexible and safe

Our services are as diverse as your needs and wishes and are fully tailored to make your life easy – you should not have to think about your wealth but enjoy it. We are therefore equipped to handle all products and investment options that are available on the market.

  • money market accounts – available in all major currencies
  • numbered and named accounts
  • capital guaranteed investments with returns linked to your market of choice
  • limitless credit card facilities
  • physical foreign currency exchange
  • direct stock and share investments from exchanges, worldwide
  • fixed and variable rate borrowings against existing assets
  • full range of international hedge fund and managed fund investment options
  • purchase of precious metal
  • financial planning
  • investment structuring
  • asset protection
  • intergenerational wealth planning

Added value – our global network

It is not just the question of financial possibilities – we are also in the position to provide further services such as corporate finance, mortgages, company consulting, taxes and fundraising for international projects: your wishes are our challenges. Thank to our network worldwide, we will provide platforms that satisfy your needs

International Financial Services Limited is an independently licensed Swiss Asset Management corporation based in Berne and a registered member of the Swiss Leading Asset Managers SAAM – the leading national trade association of independent asset managers in Switzerland.

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T +41 31 326 26 60   F +41 31 326 26 66   info@i-f-services.ch